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The Birth Story


Here’s the birth story we promised, and let me tell you, it’s quite entertaining.

Our family was on our way to church for the 5:00 service on Easter Sunday.  When we took the exit, I told Bill I had already had 3 contractions in the van but said I wasn’t too concerned yet.  We arrived at church, and I took Ariana to her room while Bill went into the service with Liam and Esther.  For some reason my biggest girl decided to have a meltdown outside her door, so I ended up staying with her for a while so as not to disturb the teaching that was already in progress, the whole time feeling my contractions getting stronger and closer.  I don’t think I ended up in the service until 45 minutes late or so.  When I got in Bill started timing my contractions.  At this point they were making me tear up and were around five minutes apart.  I wanted to stay, though, so I simply sat when needed and took some good deep breaths.  I felt like our pastor kept giving me strange looks, but I always think he’s looking directly at me since I swear he has a camera in my house and writes sermons based on the sin he sees specifically in my life.  🙂

When the service was over, we stayed and chatted while we waited for our babysitter, Rachel, to get there.  People have some great reactions when they ask your due date and you tell them you’re in labor right now.  Once Rachel arrived, we headed home and started making phone calls, though my wonderful friend and OB, Heather, was not one of those yet.  In fact, Bill posted about my labor on facebook right before we called her.  She found out because her husband, Chip, was the first to see Bill’s status and told her.  Oops!  She was so sweet and gracious, though, as always.

After my doula, Lorie, arrived, contractions progressed pretty quickly.  We decided to go to the hospital around 10:30 and left about 10 minutes later.  While Bill was checking us in, registration called upstairs and told them to come quickly because they thought this lady looked like she was about to deliver.  The wheelchair was there within five minutes and I was soon in the delivery room.  The nurse told me to go in the restroom to get in my gown and give a urine sample.  Bill went in with me, and we closed the door.

Almost as soon as I had given the sample, I looked at Bill with a panicked expression and started hitting the rail.  Bill asked what was going on but I couldn’t say anything.  Suddenly I started pushing.  Heather was already outside the door and heard me.  I told Bill I felt like I was in a cop show because at that point Heather started beating on the door asking me what was wrong.  When I wasn’t responding (except with grunts), she said, “Courtney, we’re coming in!”  I looked at her and said, “need. to. push.”

Heather:  O.K.  Let’s get you to the bed.

(someone’s hands helping me stand up, still over the toilet)

Me:  Can’t!

(gave a push and felt the head come out–put my hand under her head so she didn’t fall in the toilet)

Heather saw what was going on and was quickly there to catch, ahem, deliver Miriam the rest of the way.  I gave one more push and she was out.  She was delivered in her water which splashed on the floor once Heather had a hold of her.  I heard, “It’s a girl!” and broke into hysterical laughter along with my doula.  I looked at her and said, “Did I really just give birth?”  We were laughing so hard that everyone kept reminding me to look at Miriam.  I forgot she was there in the craziness!  She was absolutely beautiful, though it was hard to see her through all the tears I was crying from laughing so hard.

Bill cut her cord (in the bathroom), and they took me to the bed to deliver the placenta.  Miriam Elise was 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long, born at 11:15 p.m., very healthy.  It took about 30 minutes more before the placenta came, and then it was pretty much over.  The nurse who got the call from registration said I delivered 10 minutes from the time I had arrived at the hospital.  Heather talked to Bill later and with a sweet smile said, “Cut it a little close, don’t you think?”  I don’t know.  I think I could have gone a little longer.  🙂

I like to say I went in to give a urine sample and came out with a baby, but my father-in-law says that some day I will have to tell Miriam I pooped her out.  We’ll see…


15 thoughts on “The Birth Story

  1. Wow Courtney! What a story!!! This is too funny and I don’t even know how you managed to sit through church with your labor pains! Congratulations again!

  2. LOL….my little sister (the fourth in the family, the oldest a boy and then 3 girls) was born on the toliet too! My mom says it is because they are the fourth….they like to make sure they are noticed in a big family.

    Great story!

  3. That is a great potty, I mean birth story! I love how you were laughing so hard right after giving birth 🙂
    Meaghan Sutherland

  4. Oh my!! What a story. I’m glad it went so well. Praise God that you made it to the hospital! So did you even know you were in transition and all that? How long was it start to finish?

  5. What an experience!!! How will you ever top this story? Deliver your next child in the pew? That would certainly make for a lively service.

    Even though we didn’t make it in time for the birth (something to do with a 4-hour drive in the rain and vital luggage left at home that had to be retrieved), I’m so glad everything went so quickly and smoothly. Miriam is an absolutely beautiful little addition to your family.

  6. LOL about delivering the next one in the pew.

    With Kaed, I remember my first urge to push being at the toilet too. I, however, made it back to the bed and, well, you didn’t.

    When you talked about laughing through your tears after delivering her, I could so picture you doing that!

    You are only the second person I know to deliver her baby in the bag of water. That is amazing, I bet!

    So did you even really have a “witching hour” (as you say LOL) this time around?

  7. Courtney – I love the joy with which you have brought little Miriam into the world. What a fitting arrival as the Miriam was the one dancing and singing after they crossed the red sea. 😀 You came across this delivery with joy and laughter too! What a joy and blessing to see your sweet little family. And I am thankful to know there is a family full of little girls being raised to godliness (with a big brother to protect them too!). All my joy and laughter and prayers for you guys! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 (Ethan was delivered with his water too!) 😀

  8. Oops… I posted my response on the wrong post as usual. Oh well!

  9. So…I thought about your story, after you told me at lunch today, on the way home. I kept laughing out loud randomly! I love it! It sounded like something that could only happen to me. I’m watching out for little Miriam. She is going to be something fun. 🙂

  10. Courtney,
    Only you could pull this off. I have always known that you were not the average “run of the mill” girl. You have just proven it one more time.
    So happy that you and Miriam are doing great along with Liam, Ariana, Esther and Bill.
    Love you all.

  11. Sis,

    This will be one great story to Miriam when she is old enough to understand, she will never believe you though. Who would have imagined you would really poop out a baby. I absolutely love the story and I’m glad you have good friends and a loving husband that were there to take good care of you and the baby before going in the toilet.

    You left out a lot of the story when you called me last week, I’m glad you shared the full story. I didn’t realize it was your friend Heather that helped you with the delivery, I thought it was your OB doctor.

    We can’t wait to see all of the kids next month when we visit. (Well, I guess you and Billy too). I can’t wait to see Jayda with all her wonderful cousins together.

    Thank you for helping my sister deliver another very beautiful girl!

    Josh, Arly & Jayda

  12. Praise God for Miriam’s safe arrival!!! The same almost happened with my 3rd delivery….I was 11 minutes from walking into the hospital to delivery…and today she is 20 years old! Praise God for Heather’s years of medical school. She is a great physician and you are an amazing mother of 4! I love you Courtney!

  13. That is awesome. Great story, guys.

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