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5 thoughts on “The Bug is One!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ESTHER!!!! Wow, she’s changed so much since we’ve seen her last.

  2. My goodness. How much Esther looks like Ariana in this picture!!!! Happy birthday, little cutie. We love you very, very much.

  3. Happy Birthday Esther! I can’t believe you’re one! I hope to see you in person soon!

  4. Happy Birthday Esther!!!!!!!!

  5. This is late, as always, Happy Birthday Esther!!! I have enjoyed watching you grow this past year. It seems like only yesterday that I was at your house with your siblings awaiting your arrival home!! What fun I had those few days!!! I was filled with great sadness when I realized you could hold your bottle on your own…. I still laid you across my lap to give you a bottle every chance I got (although at times Liam was calling me from the bathroom for assistance). I was even more sad a couple of weeks ago when I asked your Dad when you should have your next bottle and he said you were weaned…what a shame!!!!! I ought to be more joyful that you are growing up…I guess I will have to wait for the twins to come so I can feed them….

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