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Happy Birthday, Court!


All right, everyone–join with me (i.e. leave a comment) in wishing my lovely bride a happy brithday!!!




7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Court!

  1. Happy Birthday Courtney! I’m so thankful for the way God shines through you each and every day. I miss you!


  2. Happy Birthday, Courtney!! I’m so encouraged by you. I see so much of God at work in you & through you–there are so many evidences of His grace. MIss you & hope we can meet up sometime soon! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Courtney! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh my! I cannot believe it’s already been one year!!!! Wow! Happy birthday to the little one!

  5. ooops…. I posted my response on the wrong post! Happy birthday to Courtney too of course. 😉 I’ll be bringing that catalog she requested Sunday – Lord-willing!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Courtney! I would have baked you some cupcakes, but, well, you know..

  7. So, again, late, but whatever!! Happy Birthday Courtney!! although I was there to celebrate it with you, honored as always that I would be invieted to celebrate with you guys. I should take this moment to thank you for the wonderful wisdom you speak into my life both with voice and action. I love watching you be a Mom and Wife (I hope you don’t take that as being creapy…so don’t be if you find me staring at you for long periods of time) and hope to be able to be like you one day. I truly look at you as a person who is a broken sinner trusting in the Lord our God on a daily basis. It is extraordinary. Thank you for your precious time you choose to pour into my life.

    Also thanks for letting Michael come over for dinner as well, it was very nice for the four of us to talk (even if we did talk about tourture, breastfeeding, blood and tourture again).

    I Love You!!!

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