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Baby 4 Update


We have had several friends ask for a pregnancy update, so here’s the pretty non-interesting scoop.  I had my first OB visit last week and my ultrasound yesterday.  I am 21 weeks along with a due date of April 15th–a tax baby.  I had been worried before my visit because I hadn’t felt baby yet.  My midwife had a difficult time finding the heartbeat but finally found a good, strong, beautiful one.  She said most likely my placenta is in a different position this time which would explain the difficulty in both finding the heartbeat and me feeling Baby.  The next day I began feeling him (we call them all him’s), though faintly.  Our ultrasound yesterday gave more assurance that all was good.  Baby was very active and had all parts.  It was the first time we were tempted to find out the sex, but we stood firm.  🙂  It’s always amazing to get to see your child while he is still in the womb.  What a miracle!  Thank you all for praying for us and loving us.  We look forward to introducing you all to our new little one in April.


5 thoughts on “Baby 4 Update

  1. That’s great news, Courtney!

    So you hadn’t had any OB visits until last week?

    I am proud of you for standing firm LOL. I was so strong with the first, but since then, to no avail…=)

    So glad to hear baby is healthy. I hope you have been feeling okay.

    And, yes, I am planning to go natural. I am starting to get a little nervous for the first time, but I am sure that is to be expected as you approach the end. I keep repeating my mantra: “God has not given me a spirit of fear. God has not given me a spirit of fear.”

  2. Courtney it sounds like things are going well. I am happy to hear that the baby is healthy adn that you didn’t find out.!

    Congrats, and I hope you feel wonderful so that you can enjoy Christmas with your little ones.

  3. Yay! Thanks for the update!! I’m glad to hear that everything is going so well. Keep us posted!

  4. Yay! You are about 2 weeks ahead of me!

  5. Hello, stumbled on your blog fromthe bottom of ours. WordPress puts links to other blogs with similar topics. Anyway, I saw this pregancy update and say YEAH for heart beats! I am a missionary in Guatemala and prego with baby #3. I have an appt later this week and eager to see and hear baby too. I am due mid-May behind ya! anyway I wanted to say hello, lift you and baby in prayer and then I am going to go check out the new church blog. Blessings to you, Jackie Davis

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