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Liam Sings


Liam is our greatest lover of music so far.  This morning while I was changing his clothes, he broke out into this song.  Little background, the lyrics are in a children’s book he has, but it’s especially funny to Bill and me because it is also a silly song some of our fellow students in college sang–sometimes at the end of their oh-so-serious senior recitals for some comic relief.  Imagine grown men singing sevaral difficult, opera style pieces of repertoire, then finishing it all off by doing their greatest impersonations of farm animal noises.  Priceless!  Anyway, here is my son’s first step for singing at the Met.  Of course before I recorded him he sang the whole thing, but I was happy to get one verse from him on command.  You’ll also hear Ariana at the end saying, “I wanna we Nahnah.” (I want to record Ariana)

Click here to listen

3 thoughts on “Liam Sings

  1. ABSOLUTELY adorable! Thanks for sending me that smile!

  2. I guess I’m a dork. I can find the “Click here….” button, but I can’t get it to play. How sad!!!! I really wanted to hear my grandson singing online:(

  3. It’s still working fine for us. Don’t know what’s going on on your end. It could just be the volume. Do you have it turned up?

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