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September Family Update


So, Court’s always written these in the past, but now you get me and I’m probably not as detailed as she is.  Nonetheless, here we go (and yes, there are pictures at the end):

As of this month, a lot has changed for me in terms of my involvement at Sojourn.  We just started a new community group, which is only the second one in Southern Indiana.  It’s pretty exciting for us for a number of reasons.  First, we finally have a group that’s close to our house (if it weren’t for a lack of sidewalks, we could easily walk there).  Second, this is really the first time I’ve stepped into any kind of leadership role since stepping down at Cedar Grove.  This is a relatively small role (which I’m glad for) and volunteer (which I’m also glad for) in which I get to enjoy meeting with others and seek after Christ together through fellowship, discussion, and prayer.  I’m pretty stoked about it and the two meetings we’ve had so far have been truly enjoyable.  Third, it’s part of a movement to reach out to Sojourn members who live here and to start ministering to the needs of this particular area.  Fourth, it’s always great to have a group of believers with which to grow in grace.  Also, I’m going to start being involved with the music at Sojourn.  I’ll be playing piano next week, which I haven’t done anything like this in almost two years!  Also, Court and I will together be leading the music for some of our quarterly member’s meetings, which should be a truly great experience as well.  As for work, more of the same, but that’s good as God has granted me a great job (even if I lose sight of that sometimes).  Funny story: I really can’t think of one right now.

Courtney has also had several changes going on.  In addition to the two things I listed above (about leading a community group and being involved in music at Sojourn) she’s also getting started with more in-depth mentoring at Sojourn.  God has graced Courtney with a great deal of varied experience and knowledge in marriage and parenting that I have seen bless several other women.  I’m very pleased to see her putting her grace gifts to use in this way.  She also just started preschooling Liam last week, which was a total blast for her and Liam.  We’ve been gearing up for this for a while and Court has embraced it wholeheartedly, for which I am incredibly grateful.  Incidentally, not only is Liam in “school” here at home, but Ariana and Esther are getting some instruction in the day as well.  And Court’s pregnant!  🙂  The due date (we think) should be sometime in April.  Funny story: Courtney and I were pretty tired last night, so I told her (playfully) we should aim to be asleep by 8:45.  While we were in bed reading, she read a funny part of her book to me and then within seconds, she fell asleep.  I looked up at the clock: 8:44:33!

Like I said, Liam just starting preschool with Courtney last week and he loves it.  He loves to tell me all about everything he did during the day.  Also, with Liam being the little organized dude that he is, he thrives having the kind of super-structured schedule that Court has set up for him and it’s been good for him.  I’m excited to see how he’ll continue to develop as Courtney teaches him about God and the world he created.  And talk about cute, Liam had his first soccer game yesterday.  Sadly, he was a little tired and a little confused by the whole thing, so he mainly just stood in the middle of the field and looked around at all the parents surrounding the small field.  We also think he was a little intimidated by so many adults all around him.  I’m pumped about taking some time this week to practice with him at the field down the street so he can get a little more used to the whole thing.  And Liam is also Potty-trained now, which is rockin’ awesome.  Finally got one of these kids out of diapers…  Funny story: Tonight, Liam was dawdling over his supper and I knew that if he didn’t eat more, he would be telling us that he was hungry within ten minutes of clearing the table. So I said to him, “Liam, you need to finish eating now or forever hold your peace.”  He replied by picking up one of the pieces of food on his plate and saying, “I wanna hold this piece.”

Ariana is growing into more and more of a cutie every day.  She’s getting faster, growing longer hair (finally), and, if possible, becoming more and more girly all the time–you should see how she oh-so-delicately brushes aside the hair from her eyes.  She’s really hit a booming point with language and is communicating extremely well with us.  Her enunciation is vastly improving and she’s forming some pretty complex sentences.  She’s also found that she likes this one particular hat (looks a little like a fisher’s hat) and was quite determined to have it on all day today.  Funny story: Ariana has heard Courtney calling her cute and she’s picked up saying the word now that she’s repeating so much of what we say.  Tonight at supper (it was a funny meal all around), she looked at Courtney and announced “I’m cute!”  While we burst into fits of laugher, she looked at us with a slightly confused look as if she didn’t know why we were laughing and asked, “What?”  Priceless…

Esther is definitely discovering her voice and is using it with all her might.  It’s hard to imagine such a little body making such a racket, but she does quite well for herself.  Perhaps she’s just trying to insure that she’s heard over her rather noisy brother and sister.  Esther is still working on sitting on her own (not quite there yet), though she is quite accomplished at rolling and turning and grabbing things to stick in her mouth.  Like all of our kids, her smile is incredibly beautiful and she charms her daddy all the time with it.  Funny story: As I said, she’s quite good at rolling and turning.  We have now gone in several mornings to find that Esther has wiggled herself out of her gown and is only in her diaper, which is rather impressive since that makes her our only child that can successfully undress herself without any assistance from us. 

Last thing: we’re totally pumped about our first ever family vacation that’s coming up in a couple of weeks.  We’re going to be hanging out in Indianapolis, which should be an ultra blast.

All right, that’s all I have to say.  Here are the pictures: 

13 thoughts on “September Family Update

  1. Congrats….I know I already told you court….but I thought I would tell Bill as well 🙂

    You guys do such a great job as parents!

  2. Congratulations again! 🙂 So happy for you guys. That’s awesome that you are leading worship at Sojourn! They (and you) are going to be so blessed. You rock! (literally of course)

    I can’t believe how BIG Esther is! We miss you guys so much. When can you come and visit again? It’s not like it’s really that hard to travel with 3 kids under 3 and one on the way- I mean come on! 😉

  3. I love the story of her wiggling out of her PJ’s. Dorothy totally would have done that. We nicknamed her “Wiggles”.

  4. Keep ’em coming! Shana and Steven are also expecting their fourth baby come January and this time, it’s a GIRL! I’m happy for you guys 🙂

  5. Yay! I am super excited about another little one on the way and hope the pregnancy is easier than the others. Enjoyed all the stories too. I love seeing how our Father is shaping, growing and using you guys. It is a blessing in our lives, even far away!

  6. What a wonderful update! It sounds as though you all have many blessings. Congratulations on the new baby! Here’s to a healthy pregnancy, and a happy family!

  7. Wow! Another beautiful grandbaby on the way!!!! We’re so excited, but wonder just how many we can crowd onto our laps at one time. Part of the fun is finding out!!!! Your baby-to-be announcement is pretty small folded into the rest of the wonderful news. I might have missed it if I had been reading too quickly. But I know you are just as excited as we are. How richly God is blessing your (our) family.

  8. Congrats on all of your good news and the new baby on the way!

  9. thanks for the update on your family
    and thanks for adding me to your email

  10. Congrats! That’s super exciting news=) We’ll have to compare notes on caring for 4 children: how exciting!

    Bill- you did a great job giving the update=)

    So good to hear what’s going on in your guy’s lives!

  11. Hi,

    Nice blog, keep posting.

    Greetings from Papua New Guinea.

  12. Congrats!!!!
    All of your children are beautiful, I am trying to figure out who looks like who so I guess they are a great mixture of both of you .Thanks Bill for sharing those cute story’s about the kids I really enjoyed them. My favorite age right now is of course 3 because that is how old Gabi is, and it is such a fun age. I love you guys and miss you. Hope to see you soon.

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