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Where Am I?

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A few friends have been asking where I’ve been, especially since once upon a time I posted every day.  My answer is that I am home with three beautiful children who God has shown me are a much more rewarding use of my time than blogging or reading tons of blogs.  The truth is that I can be enslaved to the computer, making it a way to escape the everyday, seemingly monotonous duties God has blessed me with.  Back in May, Bill and I took our semi-annual retreat for prayer and evaluation.  As we were discussing our priorities and plugging them into a schedule, we saw that if I truly spend the time on our family we thought necessary in order to have a gospel-centered home, I barely have time to do our laundry and prepare meals.  Many things were thrown out at that time, one of which was the computer.  We set aside 30 minutes a day for me (yes, I set a timer) while all kids are sleeping.  This time is for quick email checks and responses, research, and ministering to others through correspondence.  Most of you probably can see that those things pretty much max out that time, so blogging has been something that has become almost non-existent.  What a blessing it has been, too!  God has given me the grace to spend more intentional time with my kids, not just letting them do their own thing, which in turn has given me a greater joy than ever being a wife and mother.  He also revealed some heart issues that were springing up from my blogging time–laziness, being a busy body (wanting to know what was going on in other’s lives for the sake of knowing), and discontentment.  I have repented and am slowly being sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit.

So basically what all this means is that you won’t see me on here much.  I will basically be using the blog for journaling about our children (which in all honesty will probably take me about three weeks to create one post), and Bill, happily, says he’s taking the blog back.  Bill was the starter of this blog and asked me to post once.  Through gritted teeth, I “willingly” submitted to him.  As Bill now says, “I created a monster.”  Prayerfully, that monster has died, and you can now enjoy the wit and wisdom of my husband.  Hopefully, God will give me some time every now and then to read some friends’ blogs–this is my main way of keeping up with those dear to me who I rarely see, and it often gives us specific ways to pray for them.  For those of you I’m referring to (you know who you are), please don’t think I love you any less if you don’t see comments from me.  Many times I may be reading and my timer goes off  before I have time to comment. 🙂  Thanks to all of you who read faithfully.  It means so much to know there are so many who care about our family.  Feel free to keep checking.  After all, it’s not stopping.  We’re just driving through a slow speed zone for the next several miles.

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