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Liam attended his first VBS this week with our church.  He had a great time telling us all about the snacks he ate, the toys he played with, and the friends he played with.  Sometimes we were blessed enough to actually find out what he learned about.  🙂

On Sojourn’s discussion board, this funny story was shared by one of our friends, Michael:

I was sitting next to Liam during the skit this morning and they mentioned lions.  Isaiah [another little boy in his class] made claw hands and did a little roar.  Liam made claw hands and said, ‘Tickle, tickle.’  Hilarious.

We laughed a lot this week as we were trying to decipher Liam’s stories of VBS, but he does keep singing the songs, and yesterday I found out they had been memorizing a verse.  With little faith, I asked him to tell me what Hebrews 11:1 says, and he quoted it perfectly!  He also told us his favorite story of the week.  It was about how David hit Goliath in the face with a rock and then took a sword to him.  It’s encouraging to know he really is getting some of what we tell him.  😀


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  1. Courtney- can you send me your email address? Mine is I don’t know if I should be private with where I put my email address, but I don’t know any other way to do it LOL.

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