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Worthwhile Chatting

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I had mentioned in a previous post about my conviction of not having Christ-centered conversations when I was meeting with other Christians, so Bill and I have been evaluating that lately.  Basically, we came up with a few questions to help keep Christ in the middle of the conversation, most of which are on the Girl Talk blog.

When we are meeting someone new…

1.  Tell me the story of how you got together (this is an ice breaker question that really helps you learn about the other Christians, but you can obviously only use it if you’re meeting someone who is married or dating).
2.  How did you come to Christ?

When we are repeatedly meeting with someone, particularly for accountability or discipling (though they work great with any believers)…

1.  Describe your current practice of the spiritual disciplines.
2.  What passage of scripture have you been meditating on recently?
3.  What fruit of the spirit are you cultivating?
4.  What sin are you seeking to weaken?
5.  How can I pray for you?
6.  Here is an evidence of grace that I observe in your life.
7.  How are you seeking to grow in spiritual masculinity/femininity?

To get conversation going with unbelievers, Bill recommends “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  There is absolutely nothing Christian about the book.  He is actually trying to teach you how to make sure everyone loves you–not what we’re going for here.  Bill finds it useful, though, for learning how to take the focus off self and have a sincere interest in others lives for the purpose of building relationships.  Prayerfully, that relationship will quickly turn into an open door to share the gospel.

One thought on “Worthwhile Chatting

  1. Hi! a group from our church went to Brazil on the 5th. We got back on yesterday afternoon. It was a wonderful experiance. Nobody wanted to leave Saturday night. Most of the people, (both Brazilians and Americans) were crying as we said good-bye to each other. Some of us made very strong friednships with some Brazilians. It was very hard to say good-bye to them.

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