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Ted’s Testimony

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We had a wonderful privilege this past weekend.  We finally got to hang out with our friends Ted and Kelly (sorry, Kacie).  There was great fellowship and more than a few laughs.  It was especially funny when Ted showed Liam his tongue trick and Liam screamed.

After the kids went to bed, we asked them to share how they became believers.  Ted shared first, and Bill and I are still talking about how much it blessed us.  First, this guy has been a believer for a couple of years now, but he’s actually excited about it still.  Though I say that tongue-in-cheek, it really seems true that most of us lose our enthusiasm after we’ve been around other Christians who have lost their enthusiasm after being around other…you get the idea.  Well, Ted hasn’t.  You would think he had heard about Jesus for the first time hours beforehand.  He truly treated the cross with the honor it deserves, as being by far the greatest news we could ever have.

Something else–his testimony was loooong.  So long, in fact, that Kelly didn’t have a chance to share her story with us because it got so late (you owe us, Kelly).  We all lovingly picked on him for talking so much, but while he was sharing I began to realize how often we put time limits on others when they are talking about God’s work in their lives.  Preachers, after all, are really pushing it when they hit the 45 minute mark.  If we were honest, we would admit that much of the time we’re “listening” to a lengthy testimony, we’re distracted by other thoughts and are relieved when the testimony is over.  What is it, exactly, that we need to get to right then?  Food prep, bed, television, sitting on the couch, reading, hobbies, errands?  Isn’t that all “dung” compared to Christ’s love, grace, and faithfulness (Phil. 3:7-8)?

As we watched Ted’s passion and heard a truly amazing story of God’s grace (aren’t they all?), we were refreshed and convicted.  We hope to have many more opportunities like this where we can rejoice in the Lord always without thinking anything is the world is more worth our time.  Maybe the next time will be Kelly’s testimony…


One thought on “Ted’s Testimony

  1. Hey Courtney,
    This post is very sweet, and encouraging. Thank you for sharing this with us! Through your post, I have also been challanged.

    I have heard Ted’s testimony numerous times, and realized as I read your post that God is so faithful. Years of prayers were answered in the moment that Ted’s heart was opened to the Lord. Salvation is an Awesome privilage that I often take for granted. Thank you for that reminder.

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