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Happy Birthday to My Preschooler!


Today is Liam’s third birthday!  I am having a bitter-sweet day.  Part of me loves watching him get older and develop more and more, but the other part of me wants him to stay little forever.  Praise God He is in control and not me!  Liam has such a sweet spirit.  He is the greatest big brother to his little sisters and shows compassion most of the day.  He is a typical boy with lots of God-given energy (I wish some would rub off on me) and loves cars, animals, and legos.  I don’t deserve anything good, but God has blessed me more than imaginable with this little guy who is now a preschooler.  There are many times I feel like I can’t hold him tight enough when I feel overwhelmed with love for him.  He bears it for a while and then sweetly says, “I wanna get down, pweese, Mommy.”  He’s been singing “Happy Birfday to Me” all morning.  If you can, join him by wishing my little man a happy day today with a prayer and something you enjoy about him in the comment section.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Preschooler!

  1. Happy Birthday! Three was always may favorite age to teach.

    May you learn much and grow with God. Happy Birthday Liam!

  2. Happy Birthday Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY! What a gift you are!

    Praying for little Liam a heart that loves and follows after God!

  3. Happy Birthday friend! Now we are both three! Yay! I hope you had lot’s of fun today and I can’t wait to come to your party! Much love, Noelle (from down the street).

  4. Happy Birthday Liam!!! Praying for you today! I love how Liam is always full of smiles and willing to teach me all the sounds different animals make. I feel especially special now that he remembers my name! We love you Liam!!

  5. Courtney, Somehow I stumbled upon your blog..weird huh? It’s great to see yall are doing well! I was at Rosebower last’s so weird b/c everyone is grown up! Hope everything is good!

  6. Although I didn’t read this blog until the day after Liam’s special day, I did get to tell him “Happy Birthday” over the phone. It’s so hard to believe I’ve had the joy of being a Nana for 3 wonderful years. There are so many things I love about Liam. I love his enthusiasm for life, the way he snuggles when I read to him, the way he adds his own sound bytes to every book, his love for anything animal (as long as it isn’t too close), how he watches out for Ariana and hugs and kisses Esther, how he dances during family worship, how he recites his catechism…I just love Liam!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Liam! I love your enthusiasm, the way you run, your excitement about animals and your loving and sweet spirit. Happy Birthday Man!

  8. Hey, Amanda! We hear you live in Louisville. Is that true?

  9. Happy B-Day Liam, I’m sorry this was so late but I haven’t been on the blogs in a while and I just got back off travel. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Arlyn, Jayda and I all miss you and look forward to getting together sometime.

    Uncle Josh

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