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Helping New Parents

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We have been blessed to have many people ask us often what they can do to help us, so I have decided to post a few things that have been the most helpful for us.  Please add your own in the comments section.

  • prayer–I cannot emphasize enough how this is the greatest gift we have been given
  • offer to babysit while the couple goes out
  • do a load or two of their laundry
  • clean their house
  • provide meals, even after the first week or two
  • hang out with the mother or father–sometimes we need adult conversation and encouragement
  • send emails or cards to let them know you’re thinking about them
  • offer to come over to watch the kids while the mother or father take a nap
  • run errands (bank, groceries, etc.)–my wonderful friend Rachel just did this for me today
  • take the kids out for a morning so the couple can have a chance to get some home repairs done
  • bring them coffee or a good book to remind them to slow down every once in a while
  • do yardwork
  • gift certificates to stores with baby supplies like diapers (or one for a nice restaurant for the couple)

I hinted at this above, but often parents are forgotten after the first couple of weeks of the new baby’s birth.  We can always use help in these areas, so even if the youngest child is 15, these random displays of love are always needed, especially prayer.

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