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My Joys of Motherhood


Obviously, we are not posting much these days.  Maybe that will change again at some point, but blogging just doesn’t fit into our priorities right now.  We do, after all, have three children under the age of three.  Many people have asked what it’s like to have three children so close in age.  My answer is usually, “Humbling.”  As we’ve mentioned before, Bill and I pray for humility more than almost anything else, and God is still faithful to answer our prayers, but it is rarely in the way we want.  This has been yet another area He has been working, showing me I can’t do it on my own.  As an example, just before Esther was a month old, I got my cleaning supplies out for the first time since her birth.  That was as far as I got.  The rest of the day, I got to look at them longingly as they sat on the kitchen table.  For those of you who don’t know me, I love to clean, so it has been a blessing that God is slowly taking away yet another of my idols.

Besides being humbled through my children, though, the truth is I am more joyful than I have ever been.  Here are some things God has given me that I didn’t have before:

  • 3 x’s the hugs and kisses
  • 3 x’s the laughter and smiles
  • 3 x’s the reminders of God’s patience with me
  • 3 x’s the toys that make me smile as I watch my children discover (and 3 x’s the toys I get to play with)
  • 3 x’s the individual talk of God in our household
  • 3 x’s the stories I get to read
  • 3 x’s the music and dancing
  • 3 x’s the games we play
  • 3 x’s the booboo’s I get to kiss
  • 3 x’s the crying that will go away all too quickly as they grow too fast for my liking
  • 3 x’s the birthday parties 
  • 3 x’s the affection I get to see them display to each other
  • 3 x’s the amount I get to watch Bill play with them (I think he’s so hot in those times)
  • 3 x’s the amount I realize how gracious God is by giving me these little blessings I never deserved

2 thoughts on “My Joys of Motherhood

  1. Courtney- I’ll have to bookmark this for those times I think I just may die before the end of the day…and also for when I am having a hard time appreciating what I have=) Thanks!

  2. That was beautiful!

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