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Yes, We’re Still Here

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So, we have somewhat disappeared for a while and I’m sorry about that.  If you’re wondering where we’ve been, just scroll back a few posts to “Meet Esther” and you’ll see why.  Having that third child (especially a nursing infant) has certainly added to the family busyness and responsibilites, especially for Courtney who is home with the kiddos every day.  So, we would love to have your prayers in that.  God has been kind to show his faithfulness in being so good to us, but it doesn’t stop us from having rather full days.

Having said that, some recent technological upgrades in our home will hopefully assist us in getting back to blogging a bit.  I know Court has already written some drafts that only need a final revision before posting.  And I’m planning on writing some more in the future, as well.  Some of those will be a brief sketch on defining the emerging/emergent church (which is really no easy task), some more study on prayer, new pics of the family (always a hit), and ways you can pray for each of us.

So, keep sticking with us.  We’ll be around more soon to update you on the family and share our hearts with you.  Thanks for your patience!


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