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Jonathan and Thomas, Eat Yer Hearts Out


Sorry we haven’t been writing lately.  Having three children is very humbling, especially when it comes to having time to get things done.  I got my cleaning supplies out for the first time in two weeks yesterday, but I never got to use them. 🙂  I’ll take these precious little guys any day over a clean house, though.  To appease grandparents who are requesting more pictures (and Mandy who asked where we were), here are some new ones of our girls. 

FYI, Jonathan and Thomas are brothers that have been promised to our girls, isn’t that right Brian and Bill?  😉


Ariana “reading” a book.  She is especially good at reading upside down, as you can see.

Here is our sweet little Esther.  She is already almost 7 weeks old!

3 thoughts on “Jonathan and Thomas, Eat Yer Hearts Out

  1. Oh my goodness! They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Arianna looks so big and I love her hair! Esther is just her own little person, huh? That hair amazes me!!!

    Thanks for posting=)

  2. Yay! My future daughters in law!! 🙂 When the picture came up, I asked Thomas if he would like to marry Esther. He enthusiastically responded with a yes. I can’t believe how dark her hair is! Can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. oh wow. it makes me miss you guys! they are so precious. I can’t believe how big ariana has gotten just since January! and little esther! oh how I wish I could hold her. Her dark hair is just beautiful. 🙂

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