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Music Advice


I find myself getting into music ruts, and I think I have been in one for close to a year now.  Basically as far as Christian music goes I listen to Sojourn music, Sovereign Grace music, and a little Derek Webb.  Will you give me some ideas of additional music to listen to?  I prefer music with rich, gospel-centered lyrics over a specific music style, so any suggestions are welcomed.


8 thoughts on “Music Advice

  1. Besides Sovereign Grace, I have been purchasing a lot of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, along with Scott Krippayne (who I believe to be one of the most under-rated songwriters/musicians in Christian music), Ginger Millermon, and Travis Cottrell.

    My faves:

    Brooklyn Tab= The whole High and Lifted Up CD, the song oh, how I love the name of Jesus off their I’ll say yes album

    Ginger Millermon= her version of come thou fount, the song he takes it all (you can find her music at (she has an amazing testimony!)

    Scott Krippayne songs= the least i can do, what breaks your heart, you have been good (my favorite!)

    Billy and Cindy Foote!!!= anything by them but my faves are I have a a river, my faith has found a resting place, set free, god almighty

    That’s all I’ve got for now!

  2. oh, and by travis cottrell:

    all the earth will sing your praises (noah’s favorite)
    praise to the lord almighty
    alive forever amen

  3. I have it on good authority there will be a new Sojourn CD in the fall!!!

    It will be based on the hymns of Issac Watts. When you think of it, pray that all goes as planned. The progress of a CD relies on so many people doing their part.

  4. Do you have the Glory Revealed CD? It’s all songs straight from Scripture, recorded by Mac Powell, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith, & others that I don’t know so well… but that cd has really blessed my heart!! Alot of it is more acoustic-folky style (sometimes reminds me of Nickel Creek! 🙂 ) But it’s all easy to listen to…

    And I think I just put 2 & 2 together & came up with 4… Billy & Cindy Foote are in our adoption group! Adopting from Ethiopia, like we are, thru our agency, AWAA! We are in a yahoo gorup together, discussing our processes & travel, etc. Very cool! I knew I recognized their names from somewhere! 🙂

    Anyway, back to the music, Court… I’m kinda like you in that I listen to pretty much only Sov. Grace stuff & little else b/c of the lyrics issue… you know they’re coming out with a new cd, released at T4G? Yay!!! If you would just like some hymns, GLAD recorded several hymns projects years ago that I like, & it would be a different musical style from what you’re listening to…

    And I used to have a cd or 2 by Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN (pastored by Scotty Smith) with some great gospel-centered lyrics! That might be worth a listen. Here’s the link (with cd info on the right hand column towards the bottom):

    But let me know what else you find that you like (I can only handle so much Derek Webb! 😉 ), b/c I’d love to benefit, too!

  5. for a quick listen to the first cd by Christ Community… here’s a little medley (sort of…) I just found it.

    [audio src="" /]

  6. that’s so cool the foote’s are in your adoption group! have you checked out their new site: they are so neat!

  7. Hmmm…. in the way of popular music, I like Sarah Groves although she tends to be a little more artsy in her lyrics. I also like Casting Crownes, Selah, Jeremy Camp, Caedmon’s Call and Michael Card.

    I have to say though that Sovereign Grace has the best lyrics hands down!

  8. link to new Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken cd:

    And Mandy, yes, I’ve checked out their adoption blog. It is neat! 🙂 And they’ve even linked to my blog (& my hubby’s, supposedly, but they didn’t type the link correctly…), along with many others, which is cool!

    Court, did I mention that Bob Kauflin used to be a member of GLAD? By the way, in case you have heard of them, they’re an a capella men’s group. I think you’d enjoy them, at least as a change of pace.

    I think Steven Curtis Chapman’s album, All Things New, has some great lyrics, too.

    That’s enough commenting from me in one day! hehe. 😉

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