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Help Yourself


Bill and I get up at 4:30 in the morning because of his work schedule.  When the alarm went off one day last week, Bill went straight to the shower.  While I was doing a few things in the bedroom, I heard a clanging sound coming from the kitchen.  I quickly went out to find my son standing on the open dishwasher door trying to help himself to a cup.  Early riser, or sleep walker?  Whichever one, it was darn funny.

4 thoughts on “Help Yourself

  1. hey Mrs. Bell! I miss you a ton! We need to get together sometime soon! I also have a new blog…one not associated with the knitting group. You should check it out!
    Love You!

  2. how are you doing Courtney? I just wanted to check in with you! Is that baby coming soon?

  3. That’s so funny! I guess Liam thought he didn’t need any help.( That is if he was awake.) Well, ta ta for now!

  4. Maybe he was just wanting to help with a little housework?????

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