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Animal Night


Bill and I try to have a family night each week with a fun theme, so I thought I would begin sharing some  with you to maybe spark some ideas for memory-making.  This past Monday (which was also New Year’s Eve), we had an animal theme much to the joy of my animal-obsessed son (thanks, Jonathan) :-).  We began with a fish pizza.  Bill thought this was going to be gross until I explained it’s just pepperoni pizza in the shape of a fish.  You can see the picture below.  Then we played “Catch the Lion’s Tail” which is really just “Duck, Duck, Goose,” except you say “hyena, hyena, lion” and try to grab a piece of yellow fabric in the lion’s pocket.  Afterward, we watched Dr. Dolittle in which Liam named every single animal that was on the screen each time it made an appearance.  We had plans to make little frogs out of paper plates but ran out of time.  Besides, Liam and I had been busy all day making kazoos, party hats, and shakers, so we were a little crafted out.  We celebrated New Year’s at 8:00, and Bill and I were in bed by 10.  Aren’t we thrilling? 😉

It looked cuter before it was cooked and the pepperoni (gills) spread out.  The mushroom eye also got buried in cheese.

3 thoughts on “Animal Night

  1. What fun! I love the pizza. We’ll definately have to give this a try. 🙂 Jonathan would love it.

  2. The pizza looks so yummy! Courtney you inspire me to do more fun things like this with my kiddos. You are such a great Mom!

  3. Personally, I think the pizza looks like a perfectly good likeness of a grouper. How cute. I can see why Bill freaked out when you first told him about it, but I bet he loved it once he learned there were no little anchovies hiding in there anywhere.

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