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Animal Sacrifices?

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I lead children’s worship at church every couple of months or so.  It’s always interesting any time you ask kids questions, but I thought one particular Sunday was more interesting than usual.  We were teaching a new song written by a member of Sojourn called “Everything You Do.”  The point of the song is to try to show kids how all they do should be done for Christ (i.e. washing dishes, doing puzzles, etc.).  At the end of the song you ask, “What kind of things do you do?” and let the kids respond.  It had been going well until I called on one little boy whose response was “I sacrificed my cat.”  By God’s grace, I realized he might not have meant what it seemed like he meant, so I avoided a look of horror on my face.  A much flustered Courtney stammered quite a bit, tried to quickly make a decision, and started to go with it (I am never good when I have to think on my toes).  Thankfully, two teachers in the back who were thinking clearly quickly shouted “NO!”  Coming back to my senses, I stopped and began to explain how sacrificing our cats isn’t really something we should do for Christ. 🙂  We asked for a different response and laughed much about it after the kids had gone.

Note:  The little boy’s cat had just died the week before and that was his way of saying he had let him go.  🙂  Praise God I didn’t treat him like he was totally whacked out!  Kids are hard, no matter what some people say.

One thought on “Animal Sacrifices?

  1. Kids are hard, which is why I don’t have any yet.

    I’ve found that one of the best ways to deal with kids when they say something you’re unsure of is to ask, “What do you mean by that?” or “Tell me more about what you mean.”

    A cute example of this I’ve heard is of a little boy in a doctor’s office waiting room who asked his mom the dreaded, “Mommy, what’s sex?” question. And rather than get flustered, the mom simply said, “What do you mean?” The kid replied, “Am I an M or an F?” Apparently he was looking at a questionnaire that asked Sex: M or F. Very cute. 🙂

    Hope you’re well and ready for a blessed holiday! Take care.

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