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Some Christmas Tools We Use

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The Christmas before Liam was born, Bill and I started evaluating how we could make sure we point our children to Christ instead of greed during the Christmas season.  Some tools we found and have used each year are:

1.  Noel Piper’s advent calendar (sorry, I couldn’t find it on the Desiring God website–I hope it hasn’t been discontinued)–this calendar lets you tell the Christmas story a little at a time for 25 days with little figurines and everything.  Here’s a picture of ours:

2.  Adornaments–a neat way to put ornaments on the tree that tell about Jesus’s names during the twelve days of Christmas

3.  Advent candles–there are many different sites where you can find readings.  Some are obviously more gospel-centered than others.  You can also write your own.  Liam enjoys blowing out the candle most nights.

What kind of things do you use?

One thought on “Some Christmas Tools We Use

  1. These are WONDERFUL ideas for keeping Christ in Christmas–thank you for sharing them. Now I just have to figure out how to copy your calendar freehand . . . . . 🙂

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