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Our Home


Random thoughts I’ve had since moving into our first house, built in 1946:

* Mice were cute until they came inside.
* I don’t think Yankee candles should ever come up with a scent called sewage.
* Why, oh, why can’t I paint a straight line on walls even when I use tape?
* Ceilings don’t keep their pearly while color when water drips through them.
* Handwashing dishes hasn’t been as fun as I thought it would be.
* Rocks are beautiful in a flower bed unless you want to dig up the flower bed.
* What grass?
* Utility rooms can work as offices.
* Can’t we just hide the hole in the wall instead of filling it?
* We’ll never have to buy a swimming pool!  We have one provided for us in the back yard every time it rains.
* Garages are still useful even if you can’t park a car in them.
* Who needs a wheelbarrow when you have a wagon?
* Having a huge one pane window just gives you an excuse to layer up on cold days.
* Praise God for my beautiful, perfect little house!

3 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Courtney, you are so cute! LOL! I know how you feel, our home is an older home and sometimes have lots of hte problems you listed. DAve jokes that we can list our home as “lake front property” wehn we go to move due to the lake that comes whenever it rains in our front lawn!

    enjoy your own little space you can paint.! I love that about having my own home.

  2. Wow! 2 posts in such a short time! 🙂 Hey, we live in an old house, too… 1916. And we have a huge one-pane window in our dining room. I know what you mean about having to bundle up! 😉 Miss you. Do you know Dani Scholtens yet at Sojourn? Cute dark brown curly hair, w/ 2 boys (Judah & Levi), & husband Eric? Very artsy family, too… just wondering… She said she met you one morning after you had been singing with the kids.

  3. Courtney, I can’t believe you no longer find indoor mice so cute. Do you remember the extremely cold, snowy day many years ago when you came in from school to find that I had given a poor little fieldmouse temporary assylum in a shoebox?
    I had found it shivering in a corner after it got into rat poison. It was so adorable with those huge black eyes, and I simply couldn’t bear the thought of putting it out in the cold to die, so decided it would have a slightly more humane death inside. When you got off the schoolbus and saw it, you asked, “Can we take it to the vet?”
    I still think they’re incredibly cute, but I really don’t want them chewing on our mouldings or leaving behind their calling cards.

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