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We’re Back, Maybe!

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Since we moved into our home, we have had two problems in regards to the Internet.  One, we don’t actually have a phone line that runs into the house.  When the siding was redone before we moved in, the wire was cut.  Two, the only place we really had for the computer was in Ariana’s room.  This poses a difficult situation when you can only get on the computer during naps but the computer is in the room one of your children are napping in. 

Well, our phone line is running through one of our windows (hee, hee), but at least we have one.  Also, Bill bought a perfect sized computer desk yesterday that fits in our utility room (hey, when you have a small house, you do what works), so the computer is now out of a kid’s room.  Today is the first day I am really getting to use the Internet much since we moved in.  Hopefully that means I can begin blogging again, especially since that is one of my forms of journaling about me and the rest of my family.  Tentatively, therefore, I am saying that we are back.  We’ll see…

One thought on “We’re Back, Maybe!

  1. 🙂 I can relate to the phone line mess.

    Praying for y’all! Glad that you are “back” though.

    Please email me your new addy/phone.

    Love ya!

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