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That Two-Year-Old Makes Me Laugh


On the first rainy day last week, I decided to change Liam’s schedule a bit since we couldn’t get outside to play.  Whether or not that had anything to do with it, Mommy laughed a lot that day at her little guy.  Here are some things he did:

1)  When pointing out members of the family, he says, “Mommy, Dada, Sissy, Wiam,” so I decided to remind him that Sissy’s name wasn’t actually Sissy (BTW, he does actually call her Ariana at times).

Me: (pointing)  “Mommy, Liam, Ariana”

Liam: (looking at me like I had lost my mind and adamantly pointing at Ariana)  “Sissy, Mommy, Dada (who wasn’t there), Wiam.”

Me: (trying again) “Say Ariana, Mommy, Liam.”

Liam: (really looking a bit concerned now that I didn’t know my own daughters rightful name) “Sissy, Dada (who still wasn’t there), Mommy, Wiam.” 

Oh, well, what’s the use?

2)  The only T.V. we have is in our bedroom and is rarely used, so for a change we ate trail mix in bed and watched “Fantasia 2000.”  By the end, Liam was getting a little bored, so he started climbing on top of the many pillows at the head of the bed, running off them, and jumping, landing cross legged.  The last time he misjudged a bit and basically jumped off the end of the bed accidentally.  He began screaming immediately, and though I did tend to him, I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was just too much like a scene from a great slap-stick comedy.  Liam kept looking at me as if to say, “How can you be laughing at me?  I’m hurt,” but I still couldn’t stop.  Hopefully, that won’t be my reaction if he really gets hurt.

3)  I have never let Liam request what he wants to eat, but he kept requesting animal crackers before lunch.  Since the day was a little off anyway, I told him I would actually give him some with his sandwich only to remember we didn’t have any.  To make it up to him, I told him he could have a chocolate chip cookie instead.  As his eyes got bigger and he grinned from ear to ear, he made more requests.

“Yes, a cookie, um, bwed (bread), um, cheese, um, pwate (plate), and a spoon–pweese (please).”

He has never had a lunch quite like that before, but that day I gave him a piece of bread, some string cheese, a cookie, a plate, and yes, a spoon.

4 thoughts on “That Two-Year-Old Makes Me Laugh

  1. Liam is so funny. I think I might come to your house for lunch. 🙂

    btw, I laugh when the kids fall too- I feel like such a horrible mom. But when Thomas bumps into a wall or something, you’re right- it’s like it’s right out of a movie and I bust out laughing.

  2. That is too cute, Courtney. And yes, I laugh as well!

    How is the new house? How is that new baby? Growing well, I hope! How far along are you now?

  3. Good work manipulating Mommy, Wiam. Wonder if it would work for me? …”Pizza (veggie, of course)”….”Chocolate (not veggie)”….Hmmmmmmm.

  4. Mandy,
    Everything is going really well for us. God is so good! The new baby is growing prefectly and is healthy as far as anyone can tell. I am (I think) 23 weeks now. Crazy that this pregnancy is half-way over.

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