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Quick Update


Hey, Everyone!  Since we have been offline now for more than two weeks, we wanted to give you a very simple update with promises of more details later.  Bill and I moved into our new home two weekends ago and haven’t had Internet access yet (no phone lines because they had been cut during the renovation).  Bill is working on installing some, and right now we have a makeshift line.  Until the lines are finished, I can’t promise how often we will be posting.  It’s amazing how difficult it seems to live without the Internet.  Obviously, it’s not really difficult at all, but we get so attached to our little conveniences.

It has been a wonderful yet busy two weeks with many small adventures already.  Some funny, some frustrating, and some freaky.  Basically, though, we are mainly settled and love our little home.  The first family night we spent here Bill declared as “Make As Much Noise As Possible” night because we didn’t have to worry about disturbing apartment neighbors.  Bill said I reminded him of the “Home Alone” kid running around the house.  God is continuing to bless us, as always, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you in the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. “Make as much noise as possible” night sounds like fun! I can totally see you being the Home Alone kid, Courtney- it fits. 🙂

    Congratulations again on your new home. I hope the kitchen renovation is going well- besides the phone line thing of course.

    Miss you guys,

  2. congratulations! i’ve missed you, lady!

  3. Congratulations and enjoy this time!
    BTW, I understand the make as much noise as possible thing. It’s a hoot to do! 🙂

    Love ya!

  4. Personally, I like the phone line-through-the-window idea. Sounds very artsy to me!!!! Isn’t it funny how dependent we become on things that weren’t even available to people a generation ago? I remember the day when I though an ice maker was a foolish luxury. Now what would we do without ours? A microwave? Who would ever need that? Now I don’t even remember how to heat up leftovers without one. A computer? Bah!!! Now I eat my words. Internet access? I couldn’t imagine ever using it. Now I’m online almost every day. When we were in New Orleans this past weekend, I was humbled with how happy the believers are down there. They lost all their possessions in Katrina, and yet they have a true and overflowing joy that only Christ can give. The storm reminded them that things are so unimportant. What matters is our relationship with and service in the name of Christ.

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