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Two Homes In One Day!


Yesterday was a day of beautiful blessings for us (as every day is).  When Bill got home from work, we left for the lawyer’s office and closed on our first house!  We have been praying for a house for more than three years, and God gave it to us to yesterday.  Praise the Lord!  When we got in the car, Bill prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, and I loved something he said.  “I praise you God for letting us borrow Your house for a while.  Give us grace to be good stewards and use the house to further Your kingdom.”  I pray I always remember this house is really God’s to do with as He wills.

A couple of hours later, we went to church for our interview with one of our elders.  This was our last step to becoming partners (members) of Sojourn.  The interview really helped us think about different aspects of the gospel and encouraged us greatly.  We have been challenged to become more intentional missionaries in our home, so I plan on doing some posts in the future sharing what we are doing in that area.  At the end of the interview he told us he had no problems nominating us for partnership, so we got our church home, too!

It is extremely important to Bill and me to daily pray for and encourage our leadership in our church, so I’ll mention something as a side note.  We were thankful to be interviewed by the elder who is our main preaching pastor, Daniel Montgomerey.  We got to share with him how we came to Sojourn because of his inability to get away from the gospel in his preaching.  This man’s preaching is saturated with the grace that has been shown us by our Savior’s substitution for us on the cross.  Besides my hubby, 🙂 Daniel is my favorite preacher to listen to.  You should listen to at least one of his sermons on Sojourn’s website.  You will be greatly convicted and encouraged by what the Holy Spirit says through him Sunday after Sunday.  This man is bold yet full of grace, and we are so grateful the Lord put us under his and our other elders’ leadership.


6 thoughts on “Two Homes In One Day!

  1. Congratulations! We’re so excited for you!

  2. Yeah! I am so happy for you guys! Enjoy painting all the rooms, that was my favorite thing to do when we bought our home. I love being able to paint and put holes in the wall…hehe.


  3. congratulations! on both yr homes! yaaaay. yay yay! (& daniel & mandy have been our friends for a good long while now. they are amazing and we love them muchly. aren’t they awesome?)


  4. How exciting! Good luck with the move and congrats again!

  5. Congratulations on closing on your new home. I love Bill’s prayer, that is so true and we so often find ourselves forgetting that. Now Bill can be a true handyman around the new house. It sounds like all is going well for the family and we are very happy for you. I hope we can make a trip back there sometime next year if work permits. Once again, congratulations with everything.

    Josh & Arlyn

  6. So how’s it feel to actually be “settled” in your own home? Bet the kiddos are having a great time with all the backyard space. Liam has probably covered every square inch of it, and it won’t be long before Ariana will do the same. I’m so very grateful and excited for the 4-1/2 of you!!!!

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