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Praying with Your Children

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As with many parents, I have been greatly influenced by the books “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp and “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” by Ginger Plowman .  Each parent or parent-to-be should make these books a priority.  They talk about the importance of not only correcting your children but always directing their hearts to God by showing them through Scripture why their action was wrong.

Bill and I already use these principles with our children even though they are young, but some friends of ours, Kyle and Hilary, gave us something else to think about–the importance of prayer when disciplining.  Kyle was explaining how they have their daughters pray to ask for forgiveness when they have sinned.  That’s not all, though.  When Kyle or Hilary sin they ask their daughters to pray with them as they ask for forgiveness.  What a beautiful picture of humility and faith! 

Bill and I have recently begun doing this with our children, too.  Liam is already beginning to say parts of prayers on his own which is such a blessing, and it’s amazing to see him watch in wonder when we confess we sinned against him and pray for forgiveness.  I pray God will use this to bless our family and teach our children about the power of prayer and grace.  Thanks, Kyle and Hilary for sharing your wisdom in this area.  We praise God for you and parents like you who truly shepherd their childrens’ hearts.


One thought on “Praying with Your Children

  1. I think you’d also be bless/inspired by Clay Clarkson’s “Heartfelt Discipline” and Sally Clarkson’s “Mission of Motherhood.”

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