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Separation Anxiety


Liam, like many two year olds, can get rather upset when people he loves, especially his parents, have to leave him.  It’s always so hard to hear him screaming and crying from a  little broken heart.  When it comes to his friend Thomas, though, we get quite a different response.

Bill and I swap date with our friends Brian and Kacie once a month, and Liam thinks Thomas, their youngest son, is his best friend in the world.  When we pull around the corner to their home, Liam begins chanting Thomas’s name over and over. 

Last weekend was our date out.  As soon as Liam was out of the car, he ran (across the parking lot I might add) to our friends’ entrance.  I felt like he was a dog on a leash that had just seen a cat.  We could barely hold him back.  When we left, instead of his usual crying, he quickly shouted, “Bye!” (as in, “Hurry up and get out of here”) and began laughing gleefully.  I don’t mean the sweet little boy laugh.  I’m thinking more like the wicked witch of the west.  He was anything but sad to see us go.   

I have to say I think it is precious how much Liam loves Thomas (and the rest of the family).  I just thought the joy from knowing your parents were leaving you alone with your buddy didn’t happen until the teenage years.  How wrong I was!

2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. Thomas and Jonathan love him too! I felt so bad for him last time when Brian took our boys to the store with him. He was so very sad. Miss Kacie just isn’t the same as a wired, rambunctious two-year old named Thomas.

    Liam is such a joy to be around. So is Ariana. We can’t wait to meet this new little one! You guys sure make some good kids! 😉

  2. How great that Liam has such a good friend (love-hate relationship aside). And how quickly children grow up and become independent of Mom & Dad. Most of the time it’s a good thing. I can just see his little mischievous smile!!!!

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