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Rappa P Diddy Homefry


So, my brother Paul is not a very public guy.  He doesn’t care for the spotlight and certainly doesn’t enjoy making a fool of himself.  Well, when your paycheck is on the line, that can change things a bit.  And this video (which actually did air as a commercial in western Kentucky) is proof of that.  So, presenting my nearly-CPA brother Paul or, as I like to call him, “Rappa P Diddy Homefry” (he’s the one with hair, by the way):

NOTE: You’ll have to click on the picture below to go to YouTube and watch the video.


4 thoughts on “Rappa P Diddy Homefry

  1. Yeah, we actually saw it on TV a week or so ago. Amazing for someone who seldom watches television. It is “so” Paul…not. But he did a great job. Yo, Paul, whassup?

  2. Too funny! I love your title. 🙂

  3. Yeah, that’s funny! You can so tell Paul is not really enjoying that commercial taping!

  4. We have seen that commercial a lot. I knew that guy looked so familiar and yet so uncomfortable!! Slap me some skin homeskillet!!!

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