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Sojourn Music


I wanted to encourage you all to check out a website about our church’s music.  There are ways you can listen to some of the amazing, gospel-centered music Sojourn does each week, along with info about the songs and the five C.D.s Sojourn has put out.  The C.D.s are made entirely of songs written by members of the church and make up a large portion of the music we sing each week as part of our corporate worship.  There are also several other links on the page to a variety of things like articles about worship.  Our church is full of unbelievable talent.  We are so blessed to be a part of such a gospel-centered church, and we are especially blessed to have our pastor of worship arts ministry, Mike Cosper. He does much hard work each week planning our services and proctoring the music and lyrics to help make our corporate worship one that is a constant reminder of the grace that has been shown to us, and the life we can now have as a result of Christ taking our sins upon Himself and receiving the wrath of God we all deserve. 

4 thoughts on “Sojourn Music

  1. Courtney,
    It was so good to meet you and your little ones at play group and I appreciate all of the lovely things you said about Mike and sojourn too! Blessings!

  2. hey courtney! seriously..isn’t the music so awesome!? i’m floored @ how amazing it is. the new sojourn cd is one of my favorite cds ever. i love it.


  3. oh yeah. it’s leesa! i forgot to sign my post. 🙂

  4. Welcome, Sarah and Leesa!

    We have been hugely blessed by our church since we started coming in April, and one of the greatest blessings is the leadership. What an amazing group of men we have to help guide us in our faith!

    The new C.D. quickly became one of my favorites. I am using it now in the mornings for a little added reflection during my “quiet time.”

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