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Youthful Wisdom–Part 1

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Bill has been in the vocational ministry since he was 20 years old, and when we started, we thought we were God’s gift to the world.  Since then, God has graciously been teaching us that instead of having all the wisdom of youth we once thought we had, we are much more ignorant than we originally thought.  It seems the more we learn, the more we discover we need to learn.  We are finally seeing that most wisdom really does come with age.

As we began discovering this truth, we slowly began losing the desire to lead and began gaining a desire to learn from those older and much wiser than us.  We both desired for a godly man and woman to be put in our path that we could learn from.  Then we came to Sojourn.  It’s time for my usual plug here–Sojourn is the greatest, and I mean greatest church in the world (I hope all of you feel the same about your churches, but you would be wrong)! 😉  A small difficulty with Sojourn, though, is that there are only a handful of older people, and when I say older I mean older than us.  Most of the “older” people are only in their fifties.  Because our church is so large, it is impossible for each member to be mentored by an older person.

I was discussing this dilemna with a couple of other women in the church, and they reminded me that God put this church together just the way it is.  It might be easier and faster sometimes to have an older person teach us things, but God has given all of us gifts that we can use to help others while at the same time learning from others who have different strengths than us.  Therefore, we should all use the gifts God has given us no matter the season (or age) in life.  It is the way He set up His church to grow. 

I thought that I should never offer advice or counsel again until I had a bit more life experience, but the situation we are in has forced me to reevealuate things a bit, especially since I was recently asked to begin mentoring young married and engaged women.  I don’t want to fall into the same sinful pattern of thinking I’m wise enough and great enough to show someone how to be godly, so I have begun praying about the best way to mentor someone.  God began revealing many things to me through a passage that teaches about approaching a brother or sister about a sin.  Though this is not a direct passage on mentoring, I am discovering that many of the principles, especially matters of the heart, really go hand in hand.  If I included my discoveries in this post, it would be far too long, so I will give my findings tomorrow.  I know, the suspense is killing you. 🙂   

One thought on “Youthful Wisdom–Part 1

  1. You’ll be fantastic at mentoring young married and engaged women! I would have loved having someone like you mentoring me when I was engaged. 🙂

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