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We have been in Southern Indiana two nights this week looking for houses.  As a result, we have ended up doing the fast food thing two nights in a row (looking forward to home cookin’ tonight).  As we were standing in line at Burger King, Liam suddenly looked at me, raised his arms in a shrug, and asked, “Where are cows?”  I was very confused for a moment until I realized the last restaurant we had been in was Chick-fil-a.  I guess Liam thought that each fast food restaurant would have a giant cardboard cutout of a cow holding a sign.  How did I respond?  Well, in my usual sensitive manner, I laughed hard and said, “Honey, you’re getting ready to eat that cow!” 🙂


One thought on “Cows?

  1. Now if Liam is ever the president of the future “Save the Cows World Organization” and co-owner of Chick-fil-a (who we know have a special affinity for cows), we’ll know why! 🙂 You guys are too funny.

    Thomas will have to join Liam since we all know how much he loves chicken nuggets!

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