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The Greatest Marriage Advice, Ever!


Bill and I were exercising by the river with the kids in the stroller when we came across a couple of men fishing.  One of the gentlemen stopped us to ask our opinion on the Michael Vick fiasco.  During the conversation he started asking about our kids and found out we were expecting our third.  His first question to Bill was, “Are all three kids yours by this same woman?”  After Bill’s response (which was yes in case you’ve wondered before), the gentleman said, “Let me give you some marriage advice I wish I had known before I got married.”

1)  “No matter how mad you get at her, don’t bruise up her face and beat her over and over.  Just keep in mind how it would feel if you got beat up like that.”

2)  “Understand when she’s wrong that you’re wrong sometimes, too.  Just let her have her way so you don’t have to fight.  It ain’t worth it.”

3)  “It’s cheaper to keep her than to leave her.  It’s a pain to be dragged to court and have to pay child support.  Just stick with her.  It’s easier that way.”


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Marriage Advice, Ever!

  1. oh my goodness! I am laughing so hard. I can just picture these men perfectly in my head=) That is for real some great marriage tips=)

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  3. Lol. I am curious to what Bill responded? I could see Dave standing there wondering if the men were joking or were for real.

  4. Great advice to take for a wonderful marriage. It sounds like these men have experienced this for themselves. I will keep this in mind anytime Arlyn and I have a disagreement, wait a minute, we never disagree on anything (LoL). Marriage is a wonderful thing.

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