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Bill Is Back!

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Hi, Everyone.  After an extended absence from the Bell Family Blog, I am finally making my return.  In fact, I officially own this week and will be writing all of our posts for the next five days.  Then Court and I will try to get back to a more staggered writing schedule between the two of us.

So, where have I been?  Working overtime and thinking very little about blogging, to be honest.  The overtime hasn’t stopped, but I’m intentionally getting back in the blogging game a bit.  To whet your appetite (or perhaps to give you advance warning that there’s nothing worth reading at our blog this week 😉 ) here are some of the things to that I intend to post on in the next few days:

  • A fun bedtime song
  • What I think about sports (which ought to strike any of you that know me as really, really funny)
  • Why I “left the ministry”
  • The ordinary life of an ordinary man

One thought on “Bill Is Back!

  1. Bill, I was wondering where you were. Courtney said your days had become quite a bit longer. So sorry about that, especially since the weather has been so conducive to spending time outside with the kids. Oh, wait…… Anyway, glad to know you’re still alive. I’m hoping some of the topics you’ve listed are going to include some more “Cute Kid Stuff”? You know us crazy grandparents.


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