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Simply Romantic


Since we were married, Bill and I have been given the great advice to date and romance your spouse often, so we are always on the lookout for resources to help us in those areas.  Here are some of our favorites, and they are all from Family Life.  Two on romance are Simply Romantic Tips to Romance Your Wife and Simply Romantic Tips to Romance Your Husband.  I can’t speak much for the former because Bill doesn’t allow me to look and cheat, but the latter is excellent.  So far, Bill has loved, loved, loved all the tips I have followed.  Some dating resources that are great are Coffee Dates for Couples (even though Bill doesn’t like coffee we have been able to modify several of these to make great dates), Dates on a Dime, a book that gives ideas for free, $10, and $20 dates, and 40 Unforgettable Dates with Your Mate.  I bought this for Bill as a wedding present, and we have worn it out.  It is an amazing book that gives four date ideas for each of the top five love needs for each sex, preparation advice, discussion questions for the date, post-date ideas, and lots more.

A great, creative resource for loving each other through sex is Simply Romantic Nights.  It comes with a book and twenty-four cards (12 for each spouse) with everything you need to create a romantic night with your spouse (enough said).  I would encourage each of you who are married to check out some of these resources and have a great time dating your honey.

5 thoughts on “Simply Romantic

  1. We got Simply Romantic Nights for a wedding gift… 🙂 After using a few of the ideas, we decided to put it away for a while & save some of it for down the road a bit when we weren’t newlyweds anymore… 4 years is still fairly newly married, although I wouldn’t call us newlyweds for sure! Maybe we’ll get that back out & try a few more of their ideas before putting it away again for a while longer… 🙂

    Your other book ideas sound neat! I’ve heard of several of them, although we haven’t “invested” in any of them yet. Need to do that!

    Also, I know this wasn’t quite the theme of your post, but learning to be a godly spouse/being kind & loving to each other can be a very romantic thing, & the resource we’re finding VERY helpful in that department right now is Dave Harvey’s (sov. grace pastor) new book, “When Sinners Say, “I Do”: Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage.” Love, love, love it! Here’s a link for more about it!

  2. We’ve had “When Sinner’s Say, ‘I Do'” for several weeks now but haven’t had time to start it. I’m looking so forward to it, though, as I’ve heard amazing things about it. We miss you guys. Are things still going well in O’boro?

  3. When Sinners say I do is on my to read list as well=) too funny! we sovereign grace lovers, us! LOL=)

  4. Thanks for the book ideas Courtney! We might have to check some of those out. Sometimes we’re just at a loss as to how to have a date on a tight budget.

    Speaking of Sovereign Grace books, I just finished Feminine Appeal and LOVED IT! When re-reading the book about loving our husbands I kept thinking of you! You do a great job at this, Courtney. Thank you for your testimony. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the book ideas! My husband and I were kind of in a dating rut, and I’m anxious to check out the books. Thanks! (This is Kelly, Kacie’s sister)

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