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4 thoughts on “I Wish It Were a T-Shirt, Too

  1. It IS a t shirt! That is what I first saw it as=) Here’s the link:

  2. SWEET DEAL!!! Thanks for the head’s up, Mandy. Now if only I had money…

  3. ooo….they come in maternity as well!!! i think courntey needs one=) i know…i wanted to get one for the boys…we have no money. i would have to rewrite the whole budget LOL.

  4. Yes, it IS a t-shirt! I saw it as a shirt originally, too, and thought it was funny, so I started browsing around. That’s when I found the bib & about died laughing at the thought! 🙂 I thought you knew this already, or I would have told you long ago! Sorry! 🙂 And Court, I definitely think you need a maternity shirt! 😉

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