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Makeup Application–Face Shape


I am getting ready to stop selling Mary Kay, so before I quit I thought it would be fun to give you women some application tips to help with your makeup.  Bill in his masculinity is horrified about this, by the way, so pray for him as these posts makes it on our blog. 😉  I’ll do my first post on ways to best apply your makeup according to your face shape.  In future posts, I will focus on application of eyeshadow and lipstick.  This is not to try to get you to buy anything from me, but I do want to let you know that if anyone is interested in making a last purchase from me, I will be making one more order on August 31.  You can order by calling me or going to my site at  There are also many other helpful tips there, so feel free to look around.  Just in case a Mary Kay person checks this site, I want to make sure to note that the following tips are from Mary Kay. 

 For a heart face shape (the forehead is wider than the chin, and the chin tapers to relatively narrow or pointed):

  1. Apply several small dots of highlight on the chin and blend to make it appear wider.
  2. Contour the sides of the forehead, down over the temple area, and along the sides of the face.
  3. Sweep cheek color along the center of each cheek, just below the pupil of the eye, to help cheeks appear slimmer and the jaws wider.

For an oval face shape (symmetrical):

  1. If desired, add a little definition to the face by applying contour to the temples.
  2. Sweep cheek color along cheek bones.  Or for a natural, just-blushed look, apply cheek color to the apples of the cheeks. Or brush cheek color slighty higher on cheeks, just under the eye, for a youthful glow.

For a round face shape (features shorter, wide, full cheeks and rounded chin):

  1. Dot highlight under the eyes, in the center of the forehead and on the chin to bring focus to the center of the face.  Blend well.
  2. Contour with Bronze Highlighting Powder on the temples and sides of the face.
  3. Apply cheek color to the apples of the cheeks.

For a square face shape (strong and balanced, with equal width at the forehead, cheek and chin):

  1. Dot highlight on the middle of the forehead and chin and brush highlight down the center of the nose to bring focus away from the outer edges of the face.  Blend well.
  2. Contour the sides of the forehead above the temples and on the sides of the jaw to help give edges a receded appearance.  Blend.
  3. Apply cheek color just to the apples of the cheeks, keeping attention on the center of the face.

6 thoughts on “Makeup Application–Face Shape

  1. How fun! But, I have no idea what face shape that I have. Can you help me?

    Bill, you never know when something like this might come in handy. 🙂

  2. Kacie,
    I would say you have a beautiful, heart shaped face. I’m jealous. 😉

  3. Thanks Courtney. 🙂 I have honestly never known how to read stuff like this because I didn’t know how to evaluate myself. Now for the next question- what is “highlight?”

  4. Mary Kay actually has something called a highlighting pen, and other companies have similar products. It basically is just putting on a product that is a shade lighter than your foundation on those areas of your face. A concealer that is a little lighter works well. Have fun playing!

  5. oooo…my turn!!! what am i? teach us all, o great makeup expert=)!!!

  6. Mandy,

    I would probably say you have a heart-shaped face also, but you could even use the application tips for an oval-shaped face. Either way you’ll look beautiful as usual!

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