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Ministry from Home

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Bill and I have been trying to have a more relaxed schedule in the evenings so we can focus on ministry opportunities.  We want our children to see us doing things to serve others in our spare time instead of sitting on the couch.  Some ideas we have come up with are writing notes of encouragement, preparing freezer meals, knocking on neighbors doors for fellowship, and helping our brothers and sisters at church with needs they have (i.e. moving or babysitting).  We are a bit limited, though, since it’s not easy to get out much with two little ones, especially considering nap and bed times.  What do some of you do to serve others from your home?  We really want to work hard in this area and would appreciate your input.

One thought on “Ministry from Home

  1. Courtney,

    We always try to be most focused on considering what season in life we are in. It is much easier for me to make double of the meal that I am already making and send it to some one in need or to perhaps make phone calls to church members during the evening. I also love to have someone over for dinner once a week. Lately we have been invited a couple that is remodeling their house and doesn’t have a kitchen. It has been such a blessing to get to know them better and see what good a home cooked meal does=)

    We try not to go out at night because of gas (NM gas is out the roof) and because of their schedules. We do a lot on the weekends such a visiting. David has visitation on Tuesday nights and we would love to go with him but it is difficult. Perhaps whent he babies get older…?

    I guess I don’t really have much that you haven’t already said LOL but I just wanted to share and say that I think it’s great what you guys are doing. It is always good for our children to see us serve!

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