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Parents of Boys

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I just finished reading a hilarious book by Dave Meurer.  It’s called “Boyhood Daze.”  He is the father of two (grown) boys and shares many personal stories of raising them in his unique, witty way.  I cried a lot while I was reading (and I don’t mean tears of sorrow).  If any of you have boys (or if you don’t), it’s definitely worth the read.  Another great part is that he does get serious occasionally (though not for long) and speaks about ways to raise them to be godly.  I read the book in three days and am thirsty for more.

One thought on “Parents of Boys

  1. Jonathan was very impressed with the tacos at your house tonight. A portion of our conversation went like this:

    “Mommy, they don’t have them like we do, they use really big chips to put their meat and stuff in. I ate the whole thing.”
    For several more minutes, he discussed the wonders of taco shells as opposed to tortillas. A few observations included: “I’m not sure where they got them. They hold the stuff really well so that it doesn’t fall out. Did you know that tomatoes are a fruit?”

    He wrapped up his discussion of taco shells by saying,
    “You should have seen it mommy.”

    Thomas’ comments weren’t nearly as profound. They included, “I ate it separate. Ice cweem pweese Mommy?”

    🙂 Thanks for everything!

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