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Bill and Courtney Sittin’ In a Tree


As some of you saw in my previous post, Bill and I got some alone time last week.  Here are some things we got to do that are rare treats for us anymore:

  • Went to see “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”  I know some people have reasons against all the Harry Potter stuff, but we are huge fans.
  • Got coffee from Starbucks (O.K., Bill got a vanilla bean frappuccino–not a coffee fan)
  • Went on evening strolls, one of our favorite pastimes pre-kids
  • Visited some friends
  • Ate lunch together every day
  • Went out to eat
  • Went to the jazz factory
  • Stood in line at midnight to get “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”
  • Prayed together for our kids
  • Read the new Harry Potter book together (I know it’s a big Harry Potter week.  Did I mention we’re huge fans?)
  • Talked, talked, talked, talked, talked
  • Solved a Rubic’s cube
  • Reevaluated some parenting issues
  • Laughed a lot
  • Listened to and watched a thunderstorm through our screen door
  • I drove him to work and picked him up

I was missing the kids at the beginning of the week, but now that they are back I’m missing my special time with my hubby.  I’m ready to do it all again!


3 thoughts on “Bill and Courtney Sittin’ In a Tree

  1. LOL about harry potter! I was waiting by the mailbox to get my copy on Sat. Dave ordered it for my birthday. When we go home in 2 weeks we are going to see the movie! I can’t wait.

    GLad you guys had a great week. Don’t stay up to late reading….a big problem I have been having. Book 7 is good.

  2. You girls and your Harry Potter LOL! I am kidding- I just haven’t even the slightest clue what they are even about.

    You and Bill sound you had so much fun! That is so great! I love that you took him to work and picked him up. In some way, that is so romantic to me.

    I really admire your’s and Bill’s marriage. It is very evident the sacrificial love that you have for one another!

  3. yeah for some alone time! 🙂 sounds great!

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