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Professional Pictures


We had professional pictures takes at Flash! Portraits a couple of weeks ago.  You can view them by going to  Type “bell” in as the last name and click on “go.”  Then click on “Bell, Courtney,” put “family” in as the password, and have fun viewing them.  The kids look so sweet!

4 thoughts on “Professional Pictures

  1. These are precious Courtney!!! I want to order one for me LOL! I absolutely love the ones of the whole family. I also love the one of Liam holding the teddy (black and white) and the one of Arianna sitting with her back to the camera. They did a great job! We went to FLASH twice in Lville and loved the pics! You have such a beautiful family=)

  2. All of your pictures are great! They got some really amazing shots! Between these and your black and white pictures, I don’t know how you could choose favorites! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures!

  3. Those are great. I know that you are very proud of you ever growing family!!! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Hey Courtney!

    Just checking in on the Bell family! Your pictures are amazing!!! We’re praying for you during this new pregnancy and I would love to see you sometime. We just moved home from camp and are getting settled in the house but we’d love to come by and see you or have you over here anytime! Talk to you soon.
    Love, Monica

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