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CDs for Kids


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about CDs for children, especially the longer the word gets passed around about the “Awesome God” CD put out by Sovereign Grace Ministries.  I agree with all the rest that this is the best set of songs to buy for your children.  We’ve been using these songs for almost a year now, and we still have not tired of them.  They are set to groovin’ music that is just as enjoyable for Bill and me to listen to as is for Liam.  Though Liam’s speech is not extensive, he pretty much has the first 4 songs memorized. 

In addition to “Awesome God,” I wanted to recommend some other great resources.  One CD that is good for teaching children is called “Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender.”  The only problem with this one is that the music is a little cheesy, but don’t let that stop you because the truths are solid.

Other favorites of ours are two lines of scripture memory CDs.  One is called “Hide the Word” and is by a man named Mark Altrogge.  He is one of the main writers for Sovereign Grace’s music (which I believe hands down to be the greatest, most gospel-centered music out there).  My favorite thing about these CDs is that he uses verbatim translations of scripture.  He has seven CDs out now, and the last 5 are almost entirely from the ESV (English Standard Version).  The passage reference is also included in the music.  The cheapest way to get these is to buy the bundled set for a very discounted price from the online store at Sovereign Grace Ministries.

The other scripture memory CD line we like is called “Seeds Family Worship.”  It stays pretty accurate to the text, changing things every once in a while to fit the music a little easier.  They have four CDs out now focusing on praise, faith, purpose, and courage.  You can listen to samples of almost all the songs online, so what are you waiting for?  Go check it out!  

2 thoughts on “CDs for Kids

  1. The bib… (I thought you’d like it!) I totally want one!

  2. How ya feelin’, Court? –Katie

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