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Honors for the Day!


Cudos to our friend Carrie Q. for solving our mysterious post first!  For those of you who didn’t get it, eethray underay eethray was pig latin for three under three (aka, we’re pregnant again!).  I understand that pig latin is pretty hard, but when you’re a genius like Carrie, nothing is too difficult.  Maybe it’s because she is due with her 2nd child only weeks before we are due with Munchkin, or maybe it’s because she lives in the same neighborhood we hope to move into, or maybe it’s just because she’s so darn cool.  Anyway, she is the winner, so she gets honors for the day.

We have only known Carrie for a few months now.  She and her husband Jeremy lead a community group in the same house where we meet with ours.  They also have a gorgeous little girl named Noelle (who has a love/fear relationship with Liam).  Though we still don’t know the Q’s extremely well, it has been apparent to us from the beginning that their first priority in life is to live with the cross at the center of everything they do.  It is rare to see either Carrie or Jeremy without sensing the joy they feel, or without getting a word of encouragement from them.  Somehow they make you feel like you are the most important person in the world.  They display the kind of love we yearn to show in our everyday life.  The only thing I really know about them is that I want to know more about them.

For Carrie’s prize, she either gets a date out with Jeremy while we watch Noelle, whatever kind of chocolate (or other sweets) she wants, or a brand new car (O.K. really you only get to choose from the 1st two, and actually you can have both of them).  We would have done those things for her anyway, but it’s more fun to say that that’s her prize.  Anyway, great job, Carrie, for a job well done.  You’re honored for the day (and each day following)!

3 thoughts on “Honors for the Day!

  1. well dang.. i was delayed

  2. what is your email???

  3. You are too sweet! I’ll have to think about my prize, a date night out without having to ask my parents to babysit would be nice…on the other hand I do love chocolate! It’s a tough one, I’ll get back to you.

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