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June Family Update (a day late)


Well, this has been a crazy month.  Since we moved back to Louisville, and especially since we have only found a church home in the past few months, life has been fairly slow for us.  This month, however, has been the month of visiting.  It started with a weekend visit from Bill’s brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Lisa, where we went to a Bat’s game, the zoo, and played Guitar Hero and Wii.  So much fun!  Then we traveled to Franklin, KY, for one of Bill’s cousin’s weddings (which I might add had the craziest rehearsal we have ever seen) and got to know his aunt and uncle better.  Our time with them was so special.  The next weekend was our first VBS and relationship party at our church, Sojourn Community. 

This past week, we traveled to see Bill’s other brother and his sister.  We left on Saturday to head to Atlanta and had an amazing time with Mike, his oldest brother, Kelly, Mike’s wife, and their children–Molly, Asher, and Hannah (Ma, Ashoo, and Ham to Liam).  We got to celebrate Asher’s ninth birthday that week.  We left there on Wednesday to see the only sister, Angie, her husband, Charles, and their funny 5 year old Ethan (or E.T. as Liam calls him).  We had an outstanding time with them, too, aside from the two car repairs we had while there (thanks, Charles, for your amazing help!).  Whew!  I’m getting tired just thinking about this month.  All of our time, though, was so blessed.  Bill has such a wonderful family that are a joy to be with.  I’m ready to do it again next month. 😉

Our biggest news, however, as most of you probably know by now from our last post, is that we will have a new arrival coming around the end of February.  God has blessed us so richly with two beautiful children already, and now we get an extra (or two if I get my way–come on, twins!).  We will have three children under the age of three, so any advice I can get from you parents of multiples would be great (especially you, Mandy). 

Liam is still adding more and more words to his vocabulary, and is still the energetic, passionate, determined boy he has always been.  Right now he’s falling face down on our bed over and over with Daddy.  He makes me laugh so hard.  Our church started a new curriculum for children this morning with a catechism each week.  It was such a joy after the service when Liam responded with, “God” after being asked, “Who made you?” 

Little Ariana is becoming less and less little.  I can’t believe how much she’s grown in 8 short months.  She has the sweetest, smiliest personality, though she does get a little stressed around Liam at times, especially the day he put a lampshade on her head.  We’re thinking she may be a singer some day because when she does fuss, she is louder than any baby I have ever heard.  A man at the store today said you don’t need a car horn when you have a baby like that.  I laughed a lot, but he was right.

Pictures will be coming soon, but here’s one of Liam and Ethan holding hands–one of Liam’s favorite pastimes.  Ethan was such a good protector of his baby cousin. 

6 thoughts on “June Family Update (a day late)

  1. Congratulations!! Another friend of mine just had his third under three in May. Lee and family are temporarily relocating to Louisville this month. I am sure we will need to make a visit or two. We hope to see you when we can.

  2. We’ve been missing you guys! Glad that all the visiting went well.

  3. Dan and Judy,
    It hadn’t even occurred to me that Lee and Lily moving here would mean visits from you, too. Yeah! What exact date are they coming? Maybe we can help move.

    We’ve missed you all, too! Hopefully this month will work out better for us to get together.

  4. You guys sound like us, but we have to travel both south and north now. Luckily, the dates that are required of us are spread out. Congrats to your ever growing family!! Oh, I found a picture of Carson and Liam. I willsend that to you.

  5. Hey Bill and Courtney! We just wanted to say that we had a great time visiting with you all too! We had a blast at the Bats game, hanging out, playing Guitar Hero and Wii Games, and going to the Zoo! We just wish we could see you all more often!

  6. Hey guys! I love getting your updates! You have such a beautiful family!! I hope to see you all soon, let me know the next time you’re in our neck of the woods!

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