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Sherlock Holmes


Here’s a secret message for you to decode: 

Eethray Underay Eethray!!!

Whichever sleuth can solve this mystery first gets “Honors for a Day” on our blog (trust us, that’s cool).  Everyone needs to guess.  We’ll even give a reward for the most creative answer.  Have fun! 

Courtney (with Bill)

22 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes

  1. You are pregnant! It’s Three under Three! Am I right? Congrats if I am! Carrie Q.

  2. Well, since you’re announcing your new arrival with a “Sherlock Holmes” mystery, then you’ll have to name your new child Sherlock or Holmes (if it’s a boy, of course). Personally, I vote for Holmes. Wad up, Holmes! 🙂 Congrats on the big news (I think, maybe, possibly)!

  3. Looks like we’re going to be grandparents again……this will be the tie-breaker……right now it stands Boys 3, Girls 3. Anyway, congrats and the big question…WHEN?
    Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Congratulations, Carrie! You’re the winner! And you’ll get our special kudos soon.

    Yes, Courtney is pregnant. We found out at the end of last week and we’ve been trying to come up with a creative way to let everyone know. The due date for our little “Munchkin” is February 28th. I’m not so sure about the name Holmes, Paul, but I can see why you’d be drawn to it. 🙂 Court’s saying that she thinks it’s a girl, but we’ll find out at the end of February. We praise God again and again for blessing us in so many ways!

  5. I sat and looked at this for 5 minutes last night trying to figure it out, but I guess my mind just wasn’t in the right place to come up with the answer! Many congratulations on your wonderful news!

  6. Congrats!!!!
    Gray and I happened to be up and on the computer at midnight last night and read your email. We sat there for about 10 minutes trying to decipher that thing! Either we were sleep deprived or not on our game! We are so happy for you!!! Praying for y’all!!

    call you soon! Need to get that playdate together before everyone really is too busy!

    Love you much!

  7. Congratulations! Three under three! You will be needing your community group for free babysitting, for sure! This is definitely some exciting news, and we will certainly be keeping you in our prayers!

    I looked at this last night too, and I thought, “Okay, I know they are probably trying to tell us they are pregnant, but I have no idea what this code thing is!” Good job, Carrie. You sleuth!

  8. So, are you just not “happy” enough or is your “quiver” larger than you thought (just kidding)? We heard from grandpa, last night. Congratulations and the Lord’s blessings on you all.

    Psalm 34:3

  9. Congratulations !! How exciting. I’m so happy for you. (I didn’t have a clue on deciphering the code.)

  10. Michael and Beth,

    I don’t know what you heard from grandpa last night, but as far as we know, they don’t know yet. Hopefully they’ll check their email soon, because I know a certain Nana and Peepaw who are not going to be happy if they are left in the dark very long. 😀 This was our announcement to everyone, including family. My assumption is that Dad said something about their 3rd grandchild being on the way. If that’s the case, I’m sure he was talking about Josh and Arlyn because they are also expecting. Funny enough, Josh called early this morning, and I was sure he was calling to congratulate, but alas, he was clueless. This is so fun for us!

  11. Congrats!!! Isaac was due 4 years ago in Feb. and it was leap year so it looks like you could have a 29th baby!!!! We called him Munchkin in the womb the whole time until he was born….our minds really think a like!!! We came up with it while eating Duncan Donuts….were you have the same craving? he he

    Congrats, I am so happy for you. I will let you know what 3 kids 3 and under is like next week, baby boo is coming on the 5th!

  12. What does that mean anyway? Are you having another baby?

  13. I figured it out!!!! Congrats I’m so happy for you:)

  14. Oh Courtney! I am excited, envious, and just thrilled! What a blessing God has given you! Children are indeed a gift. I look forward to our next little one, whenever that may be. Oh, and if you need a doula, I’ve got a great one (or I might volunteer for it myself!) I’m attending Becky’s birth – and I have a feeling I might get hooked. 🙂 Oh yay! Hope to see you soon so I can hug you and pat your tummy. 🙂 just kidding (about the tummy pat – that can come later.) 😀

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!! Hooray Hooray Hooray (one for each kiddo). 🙂

  16. Congratulations!!!!! Children are such a blessing and I know God has great things in store for your whole family. We miss you all, we must get together so we can give you guys a hug (and have adult talk time, whats that????) Love you all!

  17. Yippee!!! I haven’t had a chance to get on the internet since early yesterday morning, so I had no idea until I got in from VBS this evening. My cell phone was ringing as I tried to get in the door, and Frank asked if I could hold on to talk with you. When he also said I needed to check our e-mails, I instantly knew you had to be pregnant. (I’m getting pretty good at figuring these things out, aren’t I?) How amazing the news was since during my 5 minute drive from church, I was wondering when God would send you (all of us) another precious little bundle to adore. God truly is blessing our family with two wonderful new grandchildren due in the same month in addition to Liam and Ariana. Praise His name!!!!!

  18. Some of us including Chris Patterson have work to do and need to get there numbers up. But we are all happy for you….three ready three…three under three…..three dear three…………doesn’t really matter which is right congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. And here I was thinking, “Reeth under Reeth…??” Ha ha! 🙂 So excited for you guys! Congratulations!! Praise the Lord!

  20. ^ Can mine be the most creative answer? Please? 🙂 ^

  21. ongradulationsCay ! & essingsBlay otay ou’allyay!
    eeSay ouYay oonSay,
    obBay & EndaBray

  22. GOSH!!!! my mom didnt tell me……. shes mean!!!!

    well anywayz CONGRATULATIONS

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