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Funny Things About Liam


1.  Liam’s new thing is to point to every member of the family and say their name.  When asked who he is, though, he says, “Wiam, Wiam, Wiam, Wiam, Wiam!”  I think he’s heard me freak out too many times when he’s about to have a disaster.  I tend to say his name several times in a row quickly with a big exclamation mark at the end.

2.  Any time he points to Bill he says, “Daddy,” but if he’s calling for him it’s, “Biiiill!”

3.  This past weekend, Bill and I sang a duet in a wedding.  Liam almost has the songs memorized himself since he often heard us practice.  The next to last line in one song is high and loud and then has a dramatic pause before the softer last line.  Liam (who was sitting with Bill’s family) had been quiet so far but decided he needed his moment during the dramatic pause.  As soon as we stopped, we heard a little voice that resembled Junior Asparagus faithfully bellowing out his own tune.

4.  This one isn’t Liam, but I thought it was hilarious.  Our 5 year old nephew, Ethan, played Bill in Foosball during the wedding reception and “won.”  Afterward, he went up to Liam and said, “I beat your Dad.”


3 thoughts on “Funny Things About Liam

  1. lol. those are cute! #3… I had a moment like that in a wedding once when I was little… Did you all bust out laughing?!

  2. That was Katie, by the way… 🙂 I forgot to specify.

  3. Katie,
    Bill had to actually give me the (playful) evil eye because he knew I was about to lose it and bust a gut. He told me he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish either if I cracked up. It was very difficult, but we managed to contain ourselves until we made it to our seats. I just hope the bride and groom didn’t see our shaking shoulders and the tears running down our cheeks. Maybe they would have just thought we were overwhelmed with joy for them. 🙂

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