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FREE New Attitude Resources

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I wanted to let you know about some wonderful free resources that are available from the New Attitude website.  New Attitude is a conference aimed at promoting a “humble orthodoxy” among my generation (roughly speaking, the twenty-somethings), though that doesn’t keep them from being extremely relevant to any age.  They recently held their annual conference here in Louisville and they have made all of the messages available for free download.  They are all excellent, but I would give my highest recommendation for the messages given by Eric Simmons, John Piper, and C.J. Mahaney.

Also, slightly down the page you’ll see two article downloads that C.J. recommended in his message “Discern Your Heart.”  They are both by Christian author/counselor David Powlison.  I believe Courtney used the first article called “Personal Reflection” on her retreat recently and found it extremely helpful.  I’ve been reading over the second article entitled “X-Ray Questions” for the past few days and have found them already bringing to light the idols of my heart.  Although this is from a book discussing how to biblically counsel others, I intend to keep examining myself in light of these probing questions over the next few weeks to see where I show faithlessness and idolatry without realizing it (or sometimes while realizing it, but being unwilling to let go of my sin).  If I could be so bold, I would challenge you all to take some time to work your way through the article in the coming weeks, too.  If you’re at all like me, I tend to think I’m “doing fine” in following Christ until someone comes along who raises the bar, exposing my “strong” faith for the unholy mess that I make of it.  It is my prayer for me and for any of you that choose to take this challenge is that we’ll see our sinfulness for what it is, how small we’ve made God, and how truly demanding faith in Christ is when we’d like to think that it takes so little from us.  I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will bring about God-glorifying change in us.  Following our recent posts on humility, I also pray that we’ll be humbled by our weak faith in a great God, strengthened not by our own might, but by his promises and great faithfulness.  May it be so, O God.

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