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Random ponderings on God, life, and the humor all around us

Liam on Humility

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Liam is still a little confused about the difference between yes and no.  No is pretty much his answer to whatever you ask him.

“Liam, do you want to go to time-out?”


“Liam, do you want ice cream?”


The other day, while Bill was on his way home from work, he was “talking” to Liam on the speaker phone.  Liam is quite a conversationalist, responding (jabbering) at the right times, occasionally telling a joke, and using his hands while he’s talking (Mommy’s favorite).  When Liam was “talking” about something particularly interesting, Bill said, “What’s that, Buddy?  Daddy is the bomb?” to which Liam kindly replied, “Noooo.” 🙂

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