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Baby Boo!


I just found out last night that my brother, Josh, and sister-in-law, Arlyn, are expecting their first child!  He is my only sibling, so this will be our first neice or nephew on my side, and I am totally pumped!  Here’s a picture of the happy mommy and daddy to be:

Josh and Arlyn


CONGRATULATIONS!  We are already praying for you, Baby Boo, that some day our Lord Jesus Christ will call you to Himself and you will know His glory and the joy that comes with being His child.


7 thoughts on “Baby Boo!

  1. That is great courtney. Did you know that is what we are calling our 3rd child right now? Because we don’t find out the gender until birth we name our kids when we find out…isaac was munchkin, grace was peanut and baby 3 is baby boo. lol

    THen we go to Build A Bear and make a bear before the baby is born and we name the bear their name while in utero. Then they have that bear as they grow as a reminder of when we prayed for them and didn’t even know who they were yet.

    Hope you enjoy this special little one.

  2. Becky,

    No, I didn’t know that’s what you were calling Baby 3, but that is so cute. I have a friend who calls lots of her friends that when she’s being goofy, so I just thought it would be fun to say.

    That is such a great idea about making a bear for each of your children before they are born. What loving parents you are, and what an amazing treasure for them those bears will be as they learn more about Christ and begin to discover how great it was that their parents prayed for them while in the womb. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Corky,

    How are you and the family doing? I love the Baby Boo title, it is quite fitting. Arlyn and I are very excited yet nervous since it is our first. We have our first appt with the doctor on July 18th. Thanks for the blog news about our future addition to the family.

    BTW, I don’t see a picture on the post, all I see is a white square with a small “x” in the upper left hand corner.

    We love you.

  4. Yes, we are so excited, too, but I can’t view the photograph either. What’s up???

  5. O.K. I went in to fix the picture, and it suddenly appeared before I did anything. Let me know if you still can’t view it. Sorry about that.

  6. Sorry, but I still can’t see it. You must have done something “magical” when it popped up for you. Or maybe you’re just special?????

  7. Okay, it should really, really be fixed this time!

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