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A Weaker Woman


I want to apologize to Annalee ahead of time if I embarrass her, but I am once again going to point you to her newest post.  As I stated in a previous entry, Annalee and her husband, Brian, went through a difficult season 2 years ago when they lost their sweet baby boy, Josiah.  A few days ago, she posted on that trial and how God has worked in their lives, and yesterday she expanded on what she meant when she said, “[God] was making me – not a stronger woman – but a weaker woman.”  This is a perfect example of what Bill and I have been talking about with humility, and it is a post we all should read over and over and be reminded of how we are totally dependent on God, not our own strength. 

I wish each of you could meet Annalee and Brian.  I have known them less than 2 years and never had the joy of meeting Josiah, but they have been an amazing example to me.  They are passionate about Christ and the cross and deeply desire for everyone to know Him.  What’s truly amazing about them is their humility.  They would much rather shine the light on others than have anyone take notice of them.  That’s just their way, and I have recently been praying that God would give me a heart like theirs.  They see Christ with a clearer vision than I do, and I praise God for the way He is glorified in their lives. 


2 thoughts on “A Weaker Woman

  1. Amen Courtney! Anna Lee and Brian are fantastic examples to all of us. We are so blessed to call them friends.

  2. oh courtney – i just read your whole post here… you didn’t embarass me – until I read it all the way through. Goodness. If you just spent a day at our house, you would see how untrue your praise is. God is good, God is faithful… we are just struggling along like everyone else.

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