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May Family Update


We are going to try to give a family update once a month to all of you who rarely see us, an idea I stole from my good friend Kacie.  Hopefully this will help us feel connected and will give you some pictures to help keep up with the kids and us.

Bill is still working hard at Humana.  God has blessed him greatly there, giving him many opportunities to learn new skills and prayerfully to advance within the year.  We can truly look back at our most difficult season so far and praise God for the way He worked and was glorified.  For those of you who don’t know, within 2 weeks last November Bill resigned from his church position, we moved back into Louisville to be closer to UPS, Bill lost his job at UPS, and Ariana was born.  Though those trials are nothing compared to the struggles of most of the world, it was a hard time for us.  Now, Bill has one full-time job that allows him to pick his hours and pays much better.  We have grown so much through this time and have learned more about God’s faithfulness.

Not much has changed with me.  I’m still home with the kids and laughing all the time watching them interact.  I enjoy the extra time I have with Bill now so much and am still having to adjust to having a hubby who isn’t always ready to fall over from exhaustion.  Bill and I are both attempting to lose weight by running and changing our eating habits, so we’ll try to keep you updated on our progress.  Any encouragement you can give would be great!

Liam just turned 2 this month.  He is now talking quite a bit and prefers jumping as his method of transportation.  He’s obsessed with airplanes and his adult size Coca Cola hat.  For all you musicians, you will be happy to know he sings with amazing accuracy; however, he’ll probably run from being a musician since that’s what both Mommy and Daddy are (though we’re not doing much with it anymore). 

Ariana, 6 months old now, is a true joy.  She is the happiest baby, and she loves her big brother.  She’s sitting now and is close to crawling.  She’s already doing that rocking thing on her knees.  I’m amazed at how quickly babies grow and change.  Makes me want another one…hmm.  

We have an amazing chuch called Sojourn Community Church.  It is solid in its truth and very gospel-centered.  Because the church is so large they have something called Community Groups that meet once a week and have anywhere from 5-25 people in each.  We have become part of one that has approximately 10-15 others, and they already feel like family.  We can be open with them, and they help to encourage us and hold us accountable.  The church is very artsy, so we’re always joking about how we don’t belong, but the truth is, it’s exactly where we do belong.  God has answered so many prayers by bringing us here, and we praise him for it.

Here are some recent pics:


3 thoughts on “May Family Update

  1. So that’s Liam’s attempt at warpaint, is it? Pretty good job!!!
    I, too, rejoice at how God is working in your lives. Difficult times can help mature us and also help us realize that our strength always lies completely in God.
    One of our church members e-mailed me a neat story this morning. The kids at church earn points by learning Bible verses and completing activities. Last night, they were allowed to cash in the points they had earned over the past few months. There was one little girl who had just started coming, and she had only 10 points. She was the very last person to get to go in the store. She immediately chose a pair of yellow flip flops to replace her shoes that had been repaired multiple times with staples, but the new shoes looked far too small. But when she tried on the yellow shoes, they fit perfectly!!! Isn’t God good?????

  2. Hi Courtney. I think its great that you and Bill are working on making yourselves healthier! I just ran my first minimarathon in April and feel great. I am an avid runner and I have worked as a health coach and helped people lose weight and get into exercise routines so if you need any help please let me know and I would be gald to assist. I wish you two the best! Let me know when you are in Lexington next and we can meet up! Take care.

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